INES-DEV is an international working group of INES
(International Network of Engineers and Scientists for global responsibility)

This group has been created by the international council of INES in Paris at the end of 1992, in order to tackle the unequal development of nations and people as a global problem of our time.

As a first orientation, the INES Council has adopted in its Dortmund session (June 1994) the GENERAL FRAMEWORK of the network approach and objectives as regards unequal development.
The Council decided to create four study groups to organize international discussions between engineers and scientists and to propose information, analysis and ways to deal with these problems.

1/ Effects of economic and financial theories and practices on unequal development problems.
Impact of markets evolutions, monetary policies, international trade and assistance programs. Role of illegal economic systems, high-level corruption and tax haevens. Debt problems and unequal distribution of income, wealth and labour. Drug-related activities and their impact on unequal development.
2/ Development of human settlements; urban and regional planning.
Examples of urban growth and rural decline problems in all earthly areas; technical, social and economic aspects. Effects of growth processes on environment. Means of action towards a future-oriented growth of rural and urban areas.
3/ Local creation, transfer and adaptation of science and technologies.
Experiences from developed and developing countries, with emphasis on agriculture and use of natural resources. How can science and technologies respond to human and social needs and to environmental challenges?
4/ Military and political factors of unequal development.
Impact of arms production and trade as well as idological, political and ethnical conflicts. Role of dictatorships, systems of exploitation and human rights violations in development problems.

Main activities

1/ PAPERS issued by the working group members implemented on this site with the permission of the authors.

2/ Preparing a workshop for the INES Amsterdam Congress (1996)
The working group has been responsible for holding a workshop during the INES Amsterdam Congress under the title "Confronting Unequal Development". One can find here attached the results of this workshop:

FINAL RECOMMENDATIONS issued by the workshop participants.

3/ INES2000 Stockholm Conference (2000)
General Information on the INES2000 Stockholm Conference is available at the INES2000 WEB site. Contributions to the debates on socio-economic topics are implemented on this site


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Theme 1:Effects of economic and financial theories and practices on unequal development problems Theme 2:Development of human settlements; urban and regional planning Theme 3:Local creation, transfer and adaptation of science and technologies Theme 4:Military and political factors of unequal development