Report on the first seminar of the South-East Asia Network
Hanoi, 1st - 5th December 1999


According to the program of the southeast Asian Network, the first seminar of this Network was held in Hanoi from 1-5 December, 99 with the financial support by UNESCO (Paris)
Participants of the seminar were:


After each report, there was a short 15 minutes debate. Participants have expressed their comments and questions about the problems presented in the reports.
Generally, it was estimated that all the reports had been well-prepared, in line with the basic topic of the seminar and that some important suggestions had been proposed for the policy-makers.



Participants visited the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, the Institute of Economics, the Institute of Social science Information (former EFEO) and the Vietnamese Ethnology Museum. They had fruitful discussions with the staff of these organisations.
We can conclude that the first network seminar was successful. Organizers and participants deeply thank the Institute of Economics that prepared very well the Seminar in both organization and content. We particularly thank all researchers and teachers who took part in this seminar and contributed positively to its success.

Hanoi, 4th December, 1999
Prof. Gernard de Bernis - Prof. Dr. Do Hoai Nam